Family Law

Family Law and family law disputes require discretion, confidentiality and objectivity which Madden & Co will deliver
We will support and advise you throughout the process and help you achieved your desired outcomes.

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Family Law disputes

Our aim is to support and advise you throughout the process and help you achieved your desired outcomes.

Family Law disputes are not about finding a winner or loser, but about negotiation and mediation.

Courts rarely make costs orders against one party, so it is important that everyone involved is prepared to pay for their own solicitor

Dividing Property

When you separate you will need to work out how to divide your assets and liabilities fairly.

Madden & Co can help you review the value of your assets, what each person has brought to the union, what you have contributed during the relationship, and what you future needs will be.

We can help you achieve solutions that are practical and beneficial for all involved.

Laws Governing Children

Family Law matters concerning children are often filled with emotion and stress. This is why expert legal advice is imperative to help you remain objective and make the best decisions for your children.
Going to Court can be costly, time consuming, and emotionally draining. At Madden & Co we can help you negotiate a parenting plan that is in your children’s best interests to avoid going to Court.

Child Support

Child support can be a complex issue, but Madden & Co makes the process as simple as possible. We can assist you with any issues that may arise including appeals against a child support assessment or how to deal with a non-paying parent.


We can assist you with drafting and filing an application for divorce, serving a copy of the application to your spouse and ensuring that the correct legal procedures are followed. It is beneficial to seek legal advice when going through a divorce, as there are time limits on the Court’s involvement in settling any property or maintenance. We can help you ensure that this process flows smoothly.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

Binding Financials Agreements (pre-nuptial agreements) specify how property and financial resources should be divided if you separate from your partner. We strongly advise you to consider a pre-nuptial agreement if you are bringing significant assets to a marriage or de-facto relationship. Madden & Co can offer expert advice in this area and help you draft your pre-nuptial agreement.

De-facto Relationships

Madden & Co can help you register your de-facto relationship, which will give you access to important legal rights and obligation.
We can also assist in the separation of your de-facto relationship, as de-facto couples who are separating now have the same rights as married couples. Different time limits apply to de-facto claims after separation, so it is important to contact us early in the process.

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