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What grounds are there to contest a Will?
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There is a Will in existence that is more up to date

There is a Will in existence that is more up to date. You may contest a Will if you believe there is a more recent or up to date version in existence.

The Will has been revoked.   

The Will has been revoked. Wills can be revoked for various reasons, including marriage or divorce.

You believe the Will is invalid.

You believe the Will is invalid. This may be due to a lack of witnesses, incorrect procedure, or various other reasons.

Sound mind, memory or understanding

You are unsure if the person who wrote the Will was of “sound mind, memory or understanding” when it was written. To make a valid Will, a person must be able to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it.  

The Will was created under undue influence

You believe the Will was created under undue influence. Undue influence such as coercion or duress may make a Will invalid.

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